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WaltSoft Trade Manager


  • The utility calculates the lot size based on the % risk and allows you to set an order with the stop loss and take profit levels at the touch of a button.
  • Before placing an order, set the stop loss and take profit levels by dragging them to the desired value.
  • By clicking on the button, you can close one or all orders (in one direction – buy or sell).
  • It can protect the profits of your trades with a trailing stop.
  • The utility can work with market orders, instant orders, as well as pending stop or limit orders.

For more information about the utility, see the attached video presentation.

Note: does not work in the strategy tester!
For testing before purchasing, you can download the demo version.
The limitations of the demo version are described in its settings.

Let’s say you want to make a trade and know where you want to put your stop loss, but you don’t want to risk more than 2% of your account.
In this case, you will have to calculate the lot size.

Use the WaltSoft Trade Manager utility! It will automatically do this and much more.

  • Magic Number – a magic number. Default is 12345;
  • Order Comment – a comment on orders. The default is “” (empty);
  • Play Sound Orders-play a sound notification when placing an order. By default, ” true”;
  • Percent Risk – the risk in % of the account, i.e. what you are ready to lose in the event of a stop-loss close. Default = ” 2″%;
  • Risk Reward – the ratio of risk to reward. The default is “2”. Doubling the risk value for the take profit level.
  • Stop Loss (Pips) – stop loss in pips. By default, “10”;
  • Trail When Pips Profit-start of trailing at the specified profit. The default is “3”. If the price moves 10 pips in the direction of profit, the trailing will be equal to 10 pips;
  • Pending Order Distance (Pips) – the distance to pending orders, by default “20”. You can drag them to another desired distance.
  • Expiration Time Pending Orders (Minutes) – the expiration time of pending orders, by default “0”, i.e. there is no expiration date;
  • Round Turn Commission Per Lot-your broker’s commission;
  • Font Size-the font size that affects the scale of the entire window. By default, “10”;
  • Box Distance from Left (Pixels) – the distance in pixels from the left edge. Default is “5” pixels;
  • Box Distance from Top (Pixels) – the distance in pixels from the top edge. The default is “25” pixels;
  • Adjust Box Width ( Pixels) – adjusts the width of the window in pixels. Default is “0”; pixels
  • Adjust Box Height ( Pixels) – adjusts the window height in pixels. The default value is “0”.

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Enjoy using it!



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