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Wave5 is an Expert Advisor that trades on the Eliot wave theory and the Fibonacci levels.


Timeframe: M15

Detailed description:

The Wave5 Expert Advisor trades on the EURUSD pair.
A combination of several indicators is used to analyze the wave pattern. The decision to enter a trade is made when waves are formed up or down.

The expert advisor trades most effectively on the M15 period on the EURUSD pair. Here
the minimum risk is fixed with a sufficiently high profit.


Risk management:

The trading volume used to open positions is set as a percentage of the deposit amount in the lot clause.
percentage size (I do not recommend putting more than 15%, otherwise the risk of
losses increases significantly);

All trades are set to stop loss and take profit, according to the algorithm that uses the Fibonacci levels.

The Expert Advisor does NOT use martingale, averaging, or pyramiding.


Expert Advisor test results: Wave5 with a leverage of 1: 100 and with an initial
deposit of $10,000 on the EURUSD M15 instrument, earned $81395 in the period from 01/01/17 to 06/03/20. Net profit at the end of 38 months of trading
was 814%. The absolute drawdown is
$1333, the maximum drawdown on funds is 30.23%.

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You can get similar data by downloading the demo version of the Expert Advisor and testing it on



Additional information!

Please note that this Expert Advisor can give drawdowns for several months in a row. Before using it, evaluate the
Expert Advisor on the tests, taking into account the real ticks. I recommend setting the EURUSD pair with a 15-minute timeframe!

The Expert Advisor does not guarantee you a fast and stable income!


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