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This indicator is the perfect wave automatic analysis indicator for practical trading!

The standardized definition of range is no longer a wave of different people, and the art of artificial intervention, which plays a key role in the rigorous analysis of the approach, has been eliminated.

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Index content:

1. Base wave: First, we found the inflection point of the main swing in the process of price fluctuation.Of course, its order is not too strong, which gives the basis for the following calculations.

2. Secondary band: based on the main wave, the second-level band with more obvious levels is obtained by analyzing the algorithm, and the second-level band provides the basis for wave analysis.

3. Waves: There is a clearer trend and a clearer and more intuitive direction. To analyze whether the wave continues, you need to look at the shape of the secondary wave band and analyze the composition of the secondary wave to get a subsequent wave prediction.

4. Channel: When calculating the channel, linear regression is used.


5. Retrace: Two important retraces in a wave will be displayed at the end of each wave. The relative strength of these important retracements in a real battle and the actual retracement determine the momentum of the trend.

6. Oscillation interval: The indicator shows the oscillation interval.

The indicator of the battle:

1. The source of real combat theory is the basic wave theory, Taoist theory.

2. The theory of real combat is more borrowed from real combat, and you will always benefit by reading the pictures a thousand times.

3. I wanted to write some practical experience, but found that the operation plan was slightly adjusted depending on the varieties and strengths. The transaction is constantly being written and updated. A transaction is like a line buried in the sand, even if it clings to a rope. But the sand is constantly changing shape.

4. When the wave is determined by quantitative analysis, trading will become simple and effective, the trend will become very clear, there is a general trend in the heart, and everything will become simple and effective.

5. Whether it is trading on the left or on the right, whether it is trading on a trend or fluctuating trade, this set of indicators has the answers. Everyone should feel the rhythm, the level, the momentum and the timing of the trend and the shock.

6. To understand waves and trading waves, we need to analyze multi-level and multi-period ones.

Actual combat experience:

1. Wave theory and Taoist theory are written, but they do not fully comply with the laws of natural vibrations. In the process of analyzing the actual transactions, many complex situations will be discovered.

2. Below, we can divide the market into two types: an ordered and analyzed market and an unordered market.

3. In an orderly and analysable market, there are trends and shocks. This market segment can be analyzed by us, i.e. the part available on the chart and the traded part. After this part is ordered, it will continue to have the characteristics of the order, so We can get enough profit from it

4. Disorderly market, fluctuations will be disorderly, different from shocks, disorderly market can not participate, collecting money in order, avoiding disorder.

I hope to meet those who are destined to meet, share the joy of trading together, and grow together!

It is more suitable for gold, crude oil, pound-day and other popular grades.

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