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Wolfe Waves Builder


An indicator that automatically assembles Wulf Waves, showing a trend reversal.

  • Shows trend reversals, in addition to overbought and oversold zones to this 5th wave.
  • Automatically builds models and finds Wolfe waves.
  • The prediction of the purchase price movement.
  • Arrow and watchful on the 5th wave for people who do n’t understand how to use the waves of the Wolf, and to n’t miss the entrance.
  • High efficiency of the trading strategy.
  • simple to use.
  • does not use Zigzag.
  • It does not redraw and does not lag.
  • At the moment, the most perfect such indicator.

When the number 5 and the arrow appear, open the deal, keep the deal open until the price reaches the line 1-4, close the deal. The trend reversal on the 5th wave does not occur immediately, until overbought or oversold ends. The price does not always reach the line 1-4, if the angle of lines 1-4 and 1-3-5 is too wide, close the deal earlier. We recommend setting the indicator on several timeframes to see more patterns and make more accurate entries, seeing trend reversals. If the model is displayed without the 5 waves (but includes the filter, and the model should not be 5 waves, forceCleanup, – True), it is impossible to enter, it fails because of wrong broker quotations or too little time when there is strong market volatility (found in the exotic tools of the trade), try to put more period in the settings High_period and Low_period.

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  • forceCleanup-True-display only the correct models that have 5 waves, False-display all models
  • p1type – Display point 1 waves, First – close to the level of point 3 waves, the Last – closest to the point of wave 2, All – display all points 1, Semafor for point 1 taken as the extremum point of the wave, SemaforOrFractal – extremum waves or fractal (recommend)
  • EnableAlertOnPoint5 – An audible signal and a message when the number 5 appears, indicating that it is time to enter the transaction
  • HTL_Draw to Draw Wolfe waves, the company of the older, larger model (is disabled by default)
  • DrawHighPivotSemafor-True-display the points of the older period on which the waves are calculated, False-do not display
  • HTL_InMemory – The number of displayed models of the older period in the history
  • LTL_Draw to Draw Wolfe waves, the younger of the period, smaller model (enabled by default)
  • DrawLowPivotSemafor-True-display the points of the lowest period on which waves are calculated, False-do not display
  • LTL_InMemory – The number of displayed models of the lowest period in the history
  • DrawLowestPivotSemafor-True-display the points on which the points for the younger and older periods are calculated, False-do not display
  • DrawNearTarget-True-display a possible predicted price movement target with a horizontal line after a reversal on the 5th wave, False-do not display
  • High_period – The minimum number of bars for calculating the models of the older period, from 1 wave to 5
  • Low_period – The minimum number of bars for calculating the lowest period models, from 1 wave to 5
  • Trigger_Sens – The minimum number of bars for calculating points, based on which the points of the lower and higher periods are calculated
  • DisplayPointNumbers-Display digital markings of Wulf waves or not
  • Draw_Channel-Draw an equidistant channel at points 2-3-4 or not, allows you to see the Sweet Zone, which indicates the potential entry zone to the trade
  • Draw_WW – Draw lines 1-3, 2-4 of the Wolf wave model or not
  • Draw_arrows_WW_5-Draw arrows on point 5 showing the entry to the trade, or not
  • MaxWWTargets – Number of displayed points 1 to search for a potential point 5
  • MaxBarsToCount – The number of bars on the history, for calculating the Wolf wave models

Good luck!


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