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WTGS Dynamic Butterfly


Paid subscribers might request to hitch the person assist group @WTGSystem on Twitter after emailing your Twitter deal with and the proof of subscription to [email protected].

@WTGSystem gives wonderful person assist to assist MT5 app customers enhance their buying and selling efficiency. The unique free assist is extra worthwhile than the app.

WTGS Dynamic Butterfly is an MT5 system for buying and selling commodities, indices, futures, Foreign exchange, CFD, cryptos, and different main markets. 

Dynamic Butterflies

WTGS Dynamic Butterfly plots one Dynamic Butterfly on the present timeframe offering the newest footprints in real-time. This characteristic offers merchants extra visibility within the risky markets to achieve an edge. Additionally, the app plots the values of the vertexes as historic helps and resistances. 

Confluence Alerts

WTGS Dynamic Butterfly plots a vertical sign line at level D. When it is aligned with level d on WTGS Footprints Overlay; they might be reinforcing the present tendencies; ready for the sign traces to separate earlier than making buying and selling selections is a should. 

Mixed Powers

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When used alongside WTGS TrendFinder, the mixed energy shall improve the likelihood of successful trades as customers turn out to be acquainted with the techniques and confidently make well timed buying and selling selections.

Chart House

Regulate the area to the best of the chart.

Butterfly Modes

Change the modes of Butterfly.


Though each effort has been made when designing WTGS Footprints Overlay, WTG makes no warranties, expressed or implied, or representations as to the accuracy or profitability of the system. WTG assumes no legal responsibility or duty for any person errors or omissions related to using the system.

Danger Disclosure

Buying and selling indices, commodities, futures, Foreign exchange, cryptos, or CFD entails important monetary dangers and is unsuitable for everybody. Each person ought to arrange a tenet of danger tolerance earlier than making use of WTGS Footprints Overlay to buying and selling. When putting in the system, the customers acknowledge their settlement to all of the phrases and circumstances set herein.

Copyright Discover

WTGS Footprints Overlay is copyrighted; modification, distribution, reverse engineering, or decompiling is unlawful.


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