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The Scalper X Forts Expert Advisor is designed for trading futures on the Russian futures market FORTS (RTS, Sberbank, Gazprom, Ruble, etc.).

The main instruments are RTS index futures, SBRF. Recommended timeframes are M1-M6.

The Expert Advisor does not use averaging. Each trade has its own stop loss.

The size of the required GO for testing and trading on the selected instrument is taken from the instrument code.

  • SL-stop loss
  • Lots – a lot for trading
  • Pos_Market – number of pending orders in the market
  • TralDist – distance for moving the stop loss in the profit zone
  • Bar – the number of bars for calculating the placement of pending orders
  • Spread – the maximum allowed spread for trading
  • Mg-unique number for orders

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