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  • Xincei5 Demo
  • This is the demo version, which can only be used to test with the demo account. To use it in a real account, please purchase another paid version on the main page.
  • Note:  This is not an EA, this is a system to help you trade. A system for analyzing and tracking the market, so testing history is meaningless because it does not automatically trade. This is a very useful tool.

The panel is composed of three functional modules,

1. Information module (Information module includes market information, account information, position information, trading information prompts, language switching function, trading closing function)

2. Pending order module (Pending order module contains various pending order options in the market)

3. Documentary module (the documentary module can realize MT4MT5 compatible documentary, and the documentary module includes the relevant account information of the signal terminal and the receiving terminal)

4. This panel system supports synchronous switching between the main chart and the auxiliary charts. If it is the first time to open the chart, the system will automatically add the default commonly used indicators, adjust the attributes of the chart, and solve the problems that you manually set each time. Very convenient.


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