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The indicator is used to find the 123 pattern. This pattern is used to determine the trend reversal, and it can also be used to trade on the trend. To find the pattern, the ZigZag indicator is used. Two alleged takeprofits are “glued”.

If a yellow line appears, then a pattern begins to form. You can place a pending order at point 2 to sell if point 2 is below point 1 and to buy if point 2 is above point 1. If the yellow line has started to be drawn, then point 2 has already formed and will not go anywhere. The stop loss and take profit levels will be calculated as soon as the price breaks through the point 2 level.

In the indicator parameters, you can set the minimum and maximum values of the distances from points to points to remove false signals, eliminating too small or strong movements.

  • DistanseLimits_1_2_min — minimum distance from point 1 to point 2;
  • DistanseLimits_1_2_max — maximum distance from point 1 to point 2;
  • DistanseLimits_2_3_min — minimum distance from point 2 to point 3;
  • DistanseLimits_2_3_max — maximum distance from point 2 to point 3;
  • Line_color — the color of the lines.
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