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Avalanche is a new Ethereum competitor or scam

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The default settings are NOT optimal for the recommended instrument (USDJPY) but have been put in place as a requirement from MQL for flexibility

***Please find the  Recommended Settings at the bottom of the page***

Hi, I‚Äôm Andreas ‚Äď a trader and algorithm developer from London, UK.

I have bought and created hundreds of Expert Advisors in the hope that I can diversify my portfolio and make a ‚Äúpassive income‚ÄĚ, but (like many of us) I have been disappointed time and time again with the LIVE TRADING RESULTS vs. BACKTESTS!

Over the years, I have only managed to rely on one EA out of the hundreds that I have tried and tested, and it is one that I created myself with a simple but effective logic, which is complimented by a specific Forex pair.

I‚Äôd like to introduce to you, Yen Raider ‚Äď a night scalper that has been designed specifically for use on USDJPY during the rollover period.

Why is Yen Raider superior to the majority of EAs?

  • It places a FIXED Stop Loss and Take Profit on EVERY trade. So your Risk-to-Reward Ratio is predetermined and there are NO SURPRISES!
  • The¬†Risk-to-Reward Ratio of the recommended settings is 1:1 on EVERY trade. Most EAs are geared to have high win rates and devastating losses when things go wrong by simply having a huge Stop Loss (and sometimes even NO Stop Loss at all) and exiting trades for tiny profits! In my opinion, this is NOT A TRADING STRATEGY ‚Äď it is A GAMBLING STRATEGY! Not to mention high risk ‚ÄúMoney Management‚ÄĚ techniques such at ‚ÄėGrid‚Äô and ‚ÄėMartingale‚Äô, which often result in BLOWN ACCOUNTS!
  • It‚Äôs logic and inputs are SIMPLE! Complex EAs and vast amounts of inputs are highly prone to CURVE-FITTING! In other words, they are often ‚Äúoptimised‚ÄĚ to profit based on HISTORY ONLY! This is why we see IMPRESSIVE BACKTESTS and DISAPPOINTING LIVE TRADING RESULTS!

Common Questions Answered:

  • Will Yen Raider have losing days or weeks?‚Ķ¬†Unfortunately,¬†YES!¬†¬†Welcome to the realistic world of Trading!
  • Will Yen Raider have losing months?‚Ķ So far, I personally have not, but IT IS POSSIBLE! Nothing is guaranteed in the financial markets, unfortunately! But this EA (recommended settings

Key Features of Algorithmic Trading Software

19 December 2021


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ūüĒ• More than 100% profit in 1 month; ūüõĎNo martingale; ūüó£ÔłŹCommunity of users; ‚úÖTotally automated strategy.

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