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YumokinBitcoinBreakOut – Forex Expert Advisors MT4


  • This EA is good at volatility market.
  • This EA specializes in BTCUSD, so please apply this EA to that chart.
  • Please apply this EA to the 15 minute chart.
  • This EA uses volatility technical.
  • This EA is easy to manage because it has a maximum of 1 position.
  • The maximum profit is set at 0 pips(Unlimited).
  • The maximum loss cut is set at 10000pips(100 Doller per 1lot、10Doller per 0.1lot).
  • Performance depends on the spread, so please use it with a vendor with a narrow spread.
  • —–Basic parameter— – –
  • magic – Please set a magic number which is not the same as other EA.
  • NormalLots – Please set the number of lots in the normal buy position.
  • DotenLots  – If the market goes in the opposite direction, please set the return buy position.
  • profitPips – Please set the profit of the position.
  • losscutPips – Please set the loss cut.
  • — – -CheckSpread— – –
  • MaxSpreadPips  – Please set the maximum spread that you can tolerate. One pips is worth $ 0.01.
  • MaxSlippagePips  – Please set the maximum slippage that you can tolerate. One pips is worth $ 0.01.
  • —–Compound Mode—–
  • CompoundMode – If you want to change the order lot according to the funds, set it to 1. If you want to fix the order lot, set it to 0.
  • RiskPercent – The higher this number, the more leveraged order lots are set.

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