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the ZhiBiJuJi index investigation system uses a powerful internal loop to predict its own external indicators, along with then calls the analysis prior to and after the loop.
The calculation of the information of this index analysis system so is quite complex (call before and after the cycle), thus the signal hysteresis is reduced, and the accuracy of the preliminary forecast is attained.
This indicator can be used in most cycles on MT4 and is most suitable for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours.
       When the magenta line seems and the magenta line is above the 0 axis, you can place a purchase order!
Sell it:
      When the Lime line appears and the Lime line is below the 0 axis, you can place a Sell!
Safety precautions:
      If the opposite signal appears after placing an order, it is best to immediately close the stop loss and then cancel the order!
      Since there is an anti-signal after placing the order, the loss of the order at this point will be small, so there will be no big losses in the stop loss!
      We need to capture a large band to make a profit, and this indicator has a strong ability to capture large bands! And the hysteresis is very small!
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