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Standard ZigZag modified with an alert, Push notifications and sending a message to an email, to break through the last formed HI-LO! The current Zigzag extremum, which is still being redrawn, is not taken into account!

  • Depth-determines the size of the interval or the number of candles after the previous extremum of the indicator, at which it will not search for a new extremum
  • Deviation – the number of points between the extremes (lows or highs) of two adjacent candlesticks to form a local trough or peak
  • Backstep – the minimum value of the number of candlesticks between all local extremes (highs or lows)
  • Send Push-notification-sending Push notifications
  • Send e-mail – send messages to e-mail

There are many variations in the use of this modification, but the main idea is to naturally untie the hands of the trader, you can analyze a lot more tools and you will not have to sit at the monitor for hours!

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