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ZigZagChannel2 draws lines
channels parallel to the last sector of the zigzag. The upper and lower lines are
drawn at the maximum possible distance from the zigzag line. So
Thus, the indicator builds support and resistance lines for the current
trend direction (the trend direction is determined by the ZigZag indicator).

  • Setting the Zigzag parameters (ExtDepth, ExtDeviation, ExtBackstep parameters).
  • Displaying the Fibonacci levels for the last sector
    zigzag (a group of Fibonacci settings parameters). The values of the levels are set by the
    user (option Fibonacci percentages).
  • Alerts when the price crosses the last Fibo level
    closed bar (Notifications settings parameter group): alert, sound,
    email, push notifications.
  • Line display settings: color, style, thickness, ray, or line segment (Drawing settings group).
  • Determining the channel angle (displayed as a number in the upper-left corner of the chart).
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