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ZigZagus Parabolicus MT4


This indicator significantly expands the possibilities of the usual zigzag due to the addition of parabolic channels at the earliest stage of their origin. 
Download the demo version and test it in the tester. All the graphics in the tester work satisfactorily.
But the zigzag algorithm is special here, because it is implemented on
the unique author‘s ultra-fast loop-free algorithm for calculating parabolic regression and calculating its standard deviation.

The features of this zigzag are:

  • Fast calculation, independent of the period. Therefore, the gain in speed is especially felt at higher periods
  • Two parameters instead of three: the period of parabolic regression and the coefficient of increase in the value of the standard deviation (the width of the parabolic channel)
  • High adaptability to flat and trend

For the convenience of controlling the indicator, a new intuitive interface has been developed, designed also for touch-controlled screens.

The simplest test strategy is also implemented with the output of the Balance chart and the output of transactions on the screen. Green circle – Buy. Red circle – Sell. The price is strictly in the center of the circle.
This strategy opens a sell deal if the newly formed parabolic channel “looks” down, and a buy deal if it is up. The spread is taken into account based on the last spread when loading the indicator.

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If this indicator is in demand, then the strategies will expand.  

Please report any errors you have noticed, they will be resolved promptly. 

In the future, an Auto-adjust button for the best parameters will be added.


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