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Real Trading Signals 

There are 10 signals in the Expert that can trade separately, that is, there are 10 Expert Advisors in one Expert!

The expert analyzes more than 50 indicators. Thanks to this, he trades inside the day almost all week round.

The adviser can trade both completely independently, and there is an opportunity to open the first positions himself, after which the expert will independently bring the matter to its logical end, that is, close the position or positions in the plus.


The Expert DOES NOT USE MARTNGALE!, but adds a fixed lot to the positions.

The Expert can trade both ways at once, or only one way.

It is used without loss, trailing stop and Take Profit, taking into account commission and swap.

The Expert Advisor uses Stop loss in the deposit currency or as a percentage of the deposit.

Independent trading is possible if the variable DIRECTION_OF_TRADE = BUTTON


The Expert Advisor is written for trading on EURUSD. Any schedule period.

A lot of indicators are used, so testing is quite slow,

you can initially test by control points, and then by all ticks.

All tests were carried out on the quotes of Alpari and ICMarkets dealing centers


[spoiler title=”

The estimated minimum deposit was assumed to be at least 1000 units of deposit

The RISK variable starts working only with a deposit of 2000 units or more

It’s the same for cent accounts.


I recommend using accounts with five-digit quotes.

He trades quite well on cent accounts.

The leverage I use is 1 to 500.

Before buying, I advise you to study the trading conditions on the website of the dealing center where the expert will trade.


Bet on EURUSD,  Any schedule period.


USING – What we use, risk or lot

RISK/LOT – The size of the risk or lot

PLUS_SIZE_LOT – Increment to lot

TRADE_IN_ONE_POSITION – Trade only one way at a time

DIRECTION_OF_TRADE – Direction of trade

ALL – Both ways

BUY – To buy

SELL – For sale

BUTTON – Trading only with buttons

OPEN_POSITION – Opening positions

CART_ALL – Both ways

CART_BUY – For purchase

CART_SELL – For sale


THE_NUMBER_OF_BUY_POSITIONS – Maximum number of positions to buy

THE_NUMBER_OF_SELL_POSITIONS – Maximum number of positions for sale

STOP_AFTER_DRAWDOWN – Allows you to stop or continue trading after a drawdown

IN_CURRENCY/IN_CURRENCY – The choice of how to measure drawdown

AS_A_PERCENTAG – As a percentage

IN_CURRENCY – In the deposit currency

PERMISSIBLE_LOSS – Allowable losses in the currency or percentage of the deposit 

TRADE_ON_NEW_YEAR – Trade in the new year *

MAGIC_NUMBER_BUY – The magic number of positions to buy

MAGIC_NUMBER_SELL – The magic number of positions for sale

POINT_CURRENCY – Basket profit

POINT – In points

CURRENCY – In the deposit currency


CLOSING_ATR – Close the first position on the ATR channel

TIME_PERIOD_ATR – Time period of the ATR channel

USE_BREAKEVEN – Use without loss

USE_A_SOUND – Use sound alerts 

LOG_ALL_MESSAGES – Log all messages

USE_LINE_BREAK_EVEN – Show the line without loss

MAX_SPREAD_OPEN – Maximum spread for opening positions

TEMPLATE – Templates

FIRST – Grey

SECOND – Light

NONE – Standard

* We do not trade in the new year, from December 15 to January 15, (I advise you not to trade in the new year).


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