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Rubricator 67: How to Ignore the Rules Properly

Rubricator 67: How to Ignore the Rules Properly

Breaking the rules is a direct path to loss. At least that’s what 99% of the sources say. In part, this is true. When a person takes the first steps in any hypostasis, he must first get acquainted with the rules and learn how to follow them. And only then, having gained experience, a person will understand which rules are really important, and which ones can be violated contrary to theory. If you do not have such experience yet, we will tell you which rules can be ignored in Forex.

Ignoring the rules of trading without a loss – the best articles about Forex of the Fxbotreview blog

  1. “Risk management: pros and cons”. Risk management is the basis of trading systems, which serves to limit possible losses and optimize / maximize profits. It includes hard calculation of the stop loss length depending on the deposit, trade volume, etc. Is it always necessary to follow it? Rules to ignore: Mandatory diversification – it can be harmful. Always using a stop means becoming a target for market makers. Not using Martingale means giving up the opportunity to quickly disperse the deposit. Always adhere to the risk-per-trade rule means closing a successful trade ahead of schedule.
  2. How to save time for a novice trader. Whatever area you start your journey in, you need to learn the basics. Then take the first steps in practice, gain experience. Without a leader, it is difficult for a beginner to build a learning algorithm – it is difficult to highlight the most important points, it is difficult to objectively evaluate a subjective opinion. A beginner wants “Everything at once”, but after a glut of information, an emotional lull sets in. Tip: Don’t try to cover everything. No need to try to test all the strategies or indicators – you need to hone a few, but deeply. No need to search for information on dozens of analytical portals – you need to look through several resources and only then look deeper for what interests you.
  3. “Useless Forex Trading Tips”. When someone says that information needs to be analyzed from several sources, this person is an amateur. Analyze information only from the original source. When you are told “don’t be afraid of loss – don’t be afraid to take risks”, it is like a phrase about a white monkey that you don’t have to think about. In a word – read the review to know which tips are really useless.
  4. “Useless Forex Tools”. Part 1 and Part 2. How useful are technical analysis indicators? Redrawing, lack of consideration of fundamental factors – indicators are very imperfect, unlike graphical analysis. Graphical analysis is based on the psychology of traders and is therefore more reliable. The second question is: is it worth following the rules for building a trading system? In theory yes, in practice not always. Should I trust opinions on forums and chats? Yes and no at the same time. Why – all the answers in the review.
  5. “Bad Advice for Investors”. If you want to know what to do in order to lose money or time – this review is for you!
  6. “How to Quickly Determine the Uselessness of an Indicator”. Not all indicators are equally useful. Especially when you buy them from someone or download them from some site. The indicator launched in the tester may turn out to be problematic if it is not optimized. Or 100% non-working. How to determine a potentially working indicator from a non-working one – in the review.
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May luck always smile on you!

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