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Rubricator 68: Non-Indicator Strategies

Rubricator 68: Non-Indicator Strategies

The best types of strategies are those that combine all kinds of tools: technical, graphical, fundamental analysis combined with intuition, logic and psychology. But in order to learn how to use all these tools on one chart, you need to learn how to work with each of them separately. Non-indicator strategies are trading systems in which there are no technical indicators. And they have their advantages in terms of ease of signal interpretation. About them – in this collection of articles.

Indicatorless Strategies – The Best Fxbotreview Blog Articles

  1. “Griders and grid of pending orders”. The idea of ​​trading by building a grid of pending orders is often used in trading advisors. If the price moves in both directions, then you can catch the impulse movement, insure the deal with trailing. The problem is in determining the distance between pending orders and in the need for constant control over the grid – most often open deals are best closed manually. The strategy is complex and belongs to professional trading systems.
  2. “Pros and Cons of Price Action Trading”. Price Action – pattern trading. The patterns are based on the idea of ​​the psychology of the majority. If one side failed to push the other side, a reversal pattern is formed. Or a breakdown of the level with the growth of the body of the candle indicates the strength of one of the parties. Technical indicators display mathematical statistics of previous periods, patterns display the logic of the market.
  3. “Psychological levels of Forex”. Another graphical tool that has a psychological basis. Key levels are the marks at which the accumulation of pending orders is most often observed, where protective orders or a profit target are placed. And this moment can be used in a non-indicator strategy.
  4. “Advers Tactics”. It is a technique for building different channels by analogy with the Price Action system. The figures “Expansion”, “Attraction” are interpreted in accordance with the proportions of the individual elements of the figure. On the basis of the system, neural systems have been developed that automatically plot the figures of the Adversa system on the chart.
  5. “What is Non-Farm and how to make money on it.” Non-Pharm is a monthly nonfarm payroll report. It is considered one of the key indicators of the state of the country’s economy. If the actual value deviates from the forecast, the market reacts with relatively strong USD volatility for about 2-3 hours.
  6. Barishpolts channel and an indicator based on it. The idea of ​​channels is based on graphical analysis. In the theory of Barishpolts, support and resistance levels have their own interpretation, which is used in long-term strategies. Also, according to the theory of channels, an indicator was created that is added to MT4 as a script.
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Also, indicator-free strategies include all trading systems based on fundamental analysis. News can give a strong impulse in the direction of which you can open deals. For example, publication of financial statements, dividend gap, etc. Read more about such strategies in the Fundamental Analysis section.

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