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Rubricator 75: Trading technologies

Rubricator 75: Trading technologies

Another small selection of articles about trading technologies: how to make money on swap and consolidation, how to test strategies and much more. If you have not seen these articles yet, we hope that after reading you will learn something new and useful for yourself!

Trading technologies – the best articles about Forex of the Fxbotreview blog

  1. “Methods for Testing Strategies”. A strategy is an algorithm for searching for signals to open/close a deal, most often built on technical analysis indicators and patterns. The probability of successful signals depends on the selected combination of parameters. And it is determined by testing in the MT4 tester, Forex Simulator and other testers. Testing methods – visual, account testing, forward testing. From the review you will learn about their differences, advantages / disadvantages and implementation models.
  2. How to Reduce Forex Costs. The lower the costs, the greater the profit. In addition to the spread, the trader pays commissions for withdrawing money, swap. In scalping, the spread can reach more than 50% of the money earned. A triple swap in many cases makes long-term investment unprofitable. If you think over the algorithm for opening deals on diverse strategies, set requotes, use correlation and spread indicators, then commission costs can be reduced by 5-10%. And if you use the free rebate service from the Fxbotreview service, you will also receive up to 60-80% spread compensation.
  3. “How to Use Consolidation to Your Purpose”. Consolidation is often associated with flat, although this is not entirely correct. A flat is a kind of consolidation, a sideways price movement. Traders prefer to wait out the lateral movement – it is temporary and a narrow corridor does not make it possible to earn because of the spread. But there is also trend consolidation. The price moves steadily up or down, candles with a small body, no deep corrections (or none at all). How to make money inside a flat or at the exit from the consolidation zone is described in the review.
  4. “Why slippage occurs and 5 ways to deal with it.” If you want to buy an asset at the current price, this does not mean that there are those who are ready to sell it to you. You can inflate the purchase price – this will give you a chance that someone will appear who is willing to accept your price. This is slippage. The higher the volatility and the lower the liquidity of an asset, the greater the slippage. And on a losing trend, slippage leads directly to a stop out. In the review, you will get acquainted with the causes of slippage and methods for eliminating them from trading.
  5. “How to make money on a swap.” Swap is a fee for transferring positions opened by a trader to the next day. Triple swap is charged over the weekend and on long holidays it can reach more than 5 days. The swap logic is a change in deposit and deposit interest rates of banks. And it is possible that the swap will be charged in favor of the trader. In what case is this possible, how to provide for such an option, you will learn from the review.
  6. “Priority industries of the future: where to invest with a 10-year horizon”. Part 1 and Part 2. Desalination technologies, metaverses, robotics, pharmacology and biotechnology, gold and your own education – which one will you choose?
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