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Rubricator 76: the world of investing and trading (part 1)

Rubricator 76: the world of investing and trading (part 1)

There are often interesting situations in the world of investing and trading. For example, a guy swings the stock market after school and earns about $ 0.5 million in a couple of weeks (the story of Jonathan Lebed). Or a simple office worker owes several tens of thousands of dollars from the employer just because his work was underestimated and he “morally suffered” from this (the story of Frederic Desnar). From time to time, on the pages of the Fxbotreview blog, we publish articles about what is happening in the world of investing, and in this rubricator there is a selection of such articles.

The world of investing and trading – the best articles about Forex of the Fxbotreview blog

  1. “The power of Elon Musk’s words.” The cryptocurrency market is very subject to fundamental factors. Since most investors are poorly versed in the essence of the blockchain, they prefer to be guided by the opinion of more authoritative representatives. It is enough for Elon Musk to take a picture with his puppy, as little-known cryptocurrencies immediately show 100% growth. What is the secret of such a reaction of investors, read in the review.
  2. “Shocking Predictions” -2022 from Saxo Bank. Saxo Bank in December of each year prepares a forecast for the next year in various sectors of the economy and geopolitics. Forecasts belong to the category of jokes and the probability of their implementation is almost zero. However, they are sometimes close to what is happening. Every year we analyze how accurate the bank’s analysts were in the past year and talk about what awaits the investment world in the future. In each article you will find links to the analysis of previous years.
  3. “Space investments: how to make money in a new direction”. Conservative strategies involve investing in assets that have been showing stable growth for decades. For example, in the shares of companies that have existed for more than 100 years and are still rising in price. But you can take a chance by choosing the current direction. For example, the trend of space tourism. The direction is promising if Bezos, Musk and other investors continue to develop it. Read more about the idea of ​​space investing in the review.
  4. What is Cloud Mining. Part 1 and Part 2. Why buy an expensive farm when you can rent part of its capacity? On the other hand, why should the owner of the farm rent out the facilities if it is possible to mine cryptocurrency? In theory, cloud mining is beneficial to both parties. In practice, there is a transfer of exchange rate risks from the seller to the tenant. Therefore, cloud mining is most often unprofitable for a private investor. More details in the reviews.
  5. “Green mining – how real is it.” Following the hunt for cryptocurrency profits, a new trend is emerging – green investments. Taking care of the ecosystem is part fashion, part necessity. For the production of virtual military-technical cooperation, quite real coal is spent, therefore the transition to green mining is a matter of time. Can this be interesting to an investor – reflections in the review.
  6. “Interesting facts about the lives of the best traders in the world.” Jesse Livermore, Larry Williams, Ed Seikota, Victor Niederhoffer have all had their ups and downs. But each of them was remembered by the world for their approaches to investing. If you want to relax a bit, read the article at your leisure.
  7. “How much money is invested by a trader around the world.” A small statistical study conducted in 2021 by cPattern. Interesting statistics on how much, who and how invests in exchange and over-the-counter markets by country.
  8. “A Statistical Portrait of a Retail Investor in Russia”. Some more statistics on how traders invest in the CIS. How much private capital and how much capital of management companies, how many active traders, their age category and much more. We recommend reading!
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