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Rubricator 78: trading algorithms

Rubricator 78: trading algorithms

Trading algorithms are models for compiling trading systems using various tools. They involve the use of related tools in addition to technical and fundamental analysis – volumes and liquidity, volatility, functionality of the trading platform, etc. This overview contains links to articles that discuss such tools.

Trading algorithms – the best articles about Forex of the Fxbotreview blog

  1. “Reversing as an Alternative to Martingale”. Martingale refers to high-risk instruments, but it can be used to disperse the deposit. Reversal is a variant of Martingale that provides for a slightly different trading algorithm based on mathematical statistics. The review considers step-by-step actions for opening deals and suggests ideas on the basis of which an Expert Advisor can be developed.
  2. “Griders and grid of pending orders”. The price can move within the corridor, not reaching or going beyond its borders. The breakdown of the boundaries may mean inertia with a return to the channel or a strong trend. And if you place the grid of orders correctly, you can filter inertia and open deals on a new trend. The order grid can be static – with a fixed distance between orders. And dynamic. How they differ and how to place orders, read the review.
  3. “Methods of supporting transactions in Forex”. Maintenance means the adjustment of pending orders, including stops and trailing, in order to minimize risks and optimize profits. For precise goal setting, you can combine trailing with moving,
  4. “The Art of Locking: How to Get Out of a Castle Properly”. Part 1 and Part 2. Locking – opening a deal in different directions. In this case, the trader does not lose anything – one transaction goes into profit, the second – at a loss. Except spread. Locking helps to save the deposit in case of a strong drawdown. And the question is at what moment to leave the castle. Exit in whole or in part. You will get answers to these questions and three examples of exiting the market from the reviews.
  5. “How to Protect Yourself from Market Maker Algorithms”. Market makers understand where stops accumulate. They see the actions of the majority. And with a lot of capital on short timeframes, stops catch. To create the appearance of a trend for the “crowd”, market makers can use several manipulation methods – create “fake” news, draw a “double top”, create the appearance of a short-term trend, etc. Learn how to protect yourself from market maker manipulation.
  6. “How to recognize fake news”. In continuation of the review about market makers and their trading algorithms. News is a fait accompli that can be presented from different sides and thereby direct the majority in the right direction. There is frankly “fake” news, there is news presented in the form of a subjective analytical opinion. The main thing is persuasion. Does it make sense to believe everything that is written on the Internet?
  7. “What is currency liquidity, differences from volatility”. Both liquidity and volatility are the tools on the basis of which trading systems are developed. A highly liquid market has a narrow spread, while a volatile market has good potential earnings. The factors affecting the liquidity of currencies and currency pairs are analyzed in the review.
  8. “The Gap and Its Varieties”. A gap is a price gap that occurs at the moment a trade is opened. There are several gaps – to break, to break, to run out. How they look and how to use them in trading – in the review. We also recommend an article about the dividend gap to stock traders.
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