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An indicator to attract a graph of account present and historic state similar to Stability, Fairness, Margin, Free Margin, Margin Degree, Drawdown, Account Revenue, Deposit and Withdrawals.

Indicator Inputs :

  • Draw Stability Graph
  • Draw Fairness Graph
  • Draw Margin Graph
  • Draw Free Margin Graph
  • Draw Margin Degree Graph
  • Draw Drawdown Graph
  • Draw Account Revenue Graph
  • Join Gaps by Traces
  • Signal of DDs on Revenue
  • Signal of DDs on Loss

Ideas :

  • The Indicator will draw historic stability graphs and deposit/withdraw arrows by again analyzing historical past of orders. However different knowledge similar to Drawdown, Fairness, … want actual time monitoring. Connect the indicator and wait to gather actual time knowledge.
  • Kinds of graphs could be modified from the indicator settings tab.
  • Buffers are accessible for programmers.
  • (IMPORTANT) The Indicator can entry your historical past of orders for a decided interval. If you wish to draw all historic knowledge, set the time interval of the historical past tab to “All Historical past”. In any other case if for instance it’s set to Final Month, you will note the stability graph of final month solely.
  • The indicator cannot be examined on technique testers, as a result of testers don’t have any entry to account historic standing.

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We’re prepared that can assist you for utilizing the Indicator, Please do not hesitate to contact us.
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