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Advanced Moving Average Crossover Scanner


this scanner shows fad values based on the intersection of two moving averages. The values have been displayed on multiple symbols (around 30) and 8 timeframes. Notifies of a shift in the trend direction in the MetaTrader 4 terminal, by push and email notification.

To maximize the potential of the scanner, read the full description (in English): www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/718074

There are various ways to utilize the SuperTrend Scanner. here are two examples:

  • slowMA_Period: slow moving average period
  • slowMA_Shift: shift of the slow moving average
  • slowMA_Method: method for calculating the slow moving average
  • slowMA_Price: the price used to calculate the slow moving average
  • fastMA_Period: fast moving average period
  • fastMA_Shift: shift of the fast moving average
  • fastMA_Method: fast moving average calculation method
  • fastMA_Price: the price used to calculate the fast moving average
  • alertsViaMT4: True = yes, False = no-if true, enable alerts in the MetaTrader 4 terminal
  • alertsViaEmail: True = yes, False = no-if true, enable sending alerts by email
  • alertsViaPush: True = yes, False = no-if true, enable push notifications on mobile devices
  • templateName – when you click on the button on the chart (with the symbol name), the corresponding chart opens, to which the template with the specified name is applied
  • checkEveryXSeconds-every X seconds, the indicator checks the values of the moving averages on the next symbol/timeframe
  • i1-i30-specify up to 30 tools that the indicator will track
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