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LCF_GAMMA uses two types of Stochastic Oscillator. The LONGSHOT type, which defines the main direction and leads one position
(buffer) and the PEAK2PEAK type, which acts as the main profit maker.

It is good at commodities such as OIL, GOLD, SUGAR and currency
pairs such like USDJPY (all M15), but occasionally needs to calibrate settings, so long-term tests in the same settings will not quite
reflect its usefulness. In the screenshots, I present test results based on the 5-month period, but keep in mind that the EA was not created to
work such a long time without calibration. The calibration scheme I use is at the end of the description. The default settings based on this
longer calibration are dedicated for OIL (crude) M15.
The LOT_PROGRESSION module increases the LOT value of each subsequent position of
PEAK2PEAK by the basic step value. Once all open positions are closed, the progression starts from the beginning. The maximum limit at the
open positions of PEAK2PEAK is set by PEAK2PEAK_LVL (at low capital, it significantly increases the risk, but its use depends also on the
specification of the symbol itself).

Thresholds for Stochastic Oscillators are calculated from 50 STOCH_TH and 50-STOCH_TH.


Symbol without special characters in the name (eg “£”)

Common Inputs:

STOP_LOSS – if true, uses classic Stop Loss in points.
if true, uses this module (set false only for calibrating LONGSHOT parameters).
LOT_PROGRESSION – if true, uses this module
(details above).
SLIPPAGE – slippage value in points.


MAGIC_LS – magic number for LONGSHOT trades.
LONGSHOT_LOT – volume value
for LONGSHOT trades.
LONGSHOT_SL – Stop Loss value in points.
STOCH_LS_K – Stochastic K value for
STOCH_LS_S – Stochastic slow value for LONGSHOT.
STOCH_TH_LS_1 – Stochastic open threshold
STOCH_TH_LS_2 – Stochastic close threshold for LONGSHOT.


MAGIC_P2P – magic number for PEAK2PEAK trades.
PEAK2PEAK_LOT – volume
value for PEAK2PEAK trades.
PEAK2PEAK_SL – Stop Loss value in points.
STOCH_P2P_K – Stochastic K value for
STOCH_P2P_S – Stochastic slow value for PEAK2PEAK.
STOCH_TH_P2P – Stochastic open/close
threshold for PEAK2PEAK.
STOCH_TH_LS_P2P – Stochastic LS work-zone threshold for PEAK2PEAK.
number of subsequent orders for PEAK2PEAK.

Calibration Steps (recommended results)


range: couple of months (PEAK2PEAK = false), repeat: every month:
1) Only for first calibration – set: STOP_LOSS =
false; Optimize: STOCH_LS_K, STOCH_LS_S, STOCH_TH_LS_1, STOCH_TH_LS_2 (genetic, highest PF).
Set: STOP_LOSS = false; Optimize: STOCH_TH_LS_1, STOCH_TH_LS_2 (highest PF).
3) Set: STOP_LOSS =
true; Optimize: LONGSHOT_SL (second lowest value with highest profit).
4) If necessary set: STOP_LOSS =
false; Optimize: STOCH_LS_K, STOCH_LS_S (highest PF and repeat step 3).

– range:
approximately 1 month (PEAK2PEAK = true), repeat: every week:
1) Set: STOP_LOSS = false; STOCH_TH_LS_P2P = 1;
Optimize: STOCH_P2P_K, STOCH_TH_P2P (high profit with high PF and low DD).
2) Optimize: STOCH_TH_LS_P2P (can be
merged with step 1 but takes more time).
3) After STOCH_TH_LS_P2P optimization I repeat step 1 (if there was no merge).
4) Set: STOP_LOSS =
true; Optimize: PEAK2PEAK_SL (second lowest value with highest profit).

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