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AlioFx Chart Patterns is an index that finds classic chart patterns and sends notifications when they are fully shaped, so that you have time to examine them and take proper action.

The indicator can recognize 23 kinds of patterns: Double Top, Double Bottom, Bullish Rectangle, Bearish Rectangle, Triple Top, Triple Bottom, Head and Shoulders, naked Head and Shoulders, Symmetrical Triangles, Ascending Triangle, Descending Triangle, Diamond (Diamond), Reverse Diamond (Diamond), Bullish Flag, Bearish Flag, Bullish Pennant, Bearish Pennant, Bullish Continuation Wedge, Bullish Reversal Wedge, Bearish Continuation Wedge, Bearish Reversal Wedge, Ascending and Descending stations.

  • prove Pattern Text – If true, the chart displays the names of the patterns.
  • Show Pattern Lines – If true, lines are drawn on the chart to indicate patterns.
  • Pattern Line Projection – When this value is increased, the pattern lines expand into the future.
  • Show only the last pattern – If true, the indicator displays only the last found pattern.
  • History candles – The number of candles in the history to search for patterns, if the “Show only the last pattern” parameter is set to false.
  • Display Alert Notification-If true, an alert will be sent in the MetaTrader 4 terminal when a new pattern is formed.
  • Send Email notification – If true, an email notification will be sent when a new pattern is formed (if sending emails is configured and allowed on the MetaTrader 4 platform).
  • Send Mobile notification-If true, a push notification will be sent to the mobile device when a new pattern is formed (if sending messages is configured and allowed on the MetaTrader 4 platform).

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The other parameters allow you to select the patterns to search for and the color of the patterns.

  • The indicator is designed for traders who have an idea of the chart patterns and how to trade on them.
  • If a pattern is found, it does not mean that it will remain valid and suitable for trading.
  • Before opening a trade, check whether the pattern looks good.
  • Please test the demo version in the strategy tester before renting or buying.
  • If you find any errors, please let me know so I can fix them.
  • Remember that no one is omniscient, so my work cannot be perfect.


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