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“ANYWAY EA” is a tool for managing transactions with a different concept, which does not start trailing from profit-taking. It simply moves the stop loss to 1. The SL will move in increments of 1, so with each pip, the SL will be set to 19, 18, 17, etc.Brokers see this and can’t do anything about it. And at this time, you will wait for the adviser to fix the points that he has accumulated.

All stop loss and take profit levels can be hidden from the broker by selecting SLnTPMode = Client.

Run the Expert Advisor on all pairs separately with a timeframe of M5 or higher. But DON’T switch between timeframes.

The Expert determines the type and trend for trading using the indicator specified in the settings.

You can choose one of three indicators (Bollinger Bands, Moving Average, Envelopes).

The Expert Advisor starts working with the installation of two hidden pending orders, the first of which is set in the direction of the price, and the second in the opposite direction. The broker does not see these orders.

If the market price moves in the right direction, the Expert Advisor activates the first order and cancels the second one. And if the price moves in an unfavorable direction, the second order is triggered, and the first one is modified.

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When the first order is triggered, the second one is closed.

The trailing stop works with any of the orders.

The order status (pending, adjusted, activated, trailing, closed, canceled) is displayed on the chart.

  • Currency: The Expert Advisor works with any currency pair,
  • Working timeframe: the Expert Advisor works on any timeframe
  • Minimum recommended volume and leverage: minimum leverage: 1: 100, deposit for each pair: 1000 USD-lot 0.1, 100 USD-lot 0.01, 100 USD-ECN account-10 cents or equivalent amount
  • Recommended broker and spread: spread < 4 points

There are no specific requirements for a broker, but it is strongly recommended to work on an ECN broker account.

More detailed information can be obtained on request in the “Discussion” section.

  • ECN_Mode: Enable / disable ECN mode.
  • Lot_Type: lot type (Fixed_Lot – fixed lot, Risk_per_trade-lot per transaction, Margin_percent_use – percentage of available funds).
  • risk: the risk per transaction.
  • MaxSpead: maximum spread, default = 4.
  • default_lot – the size of the fixed lot.
  • StopLoss: stop loss, default = 20.
  • TakeProfit: take profit, default = 5.
  • TrailingStart: the level of trailing activation, by default = 1 pips.
  • SLnTPMode: Use hidden or real SL and TP.
  • Slippage: slippage, default = 3.
  • Commission: commission, check the information with your broker.
  • AddPriceGap: Additional indentation in points added to SL and TP to avoid error 130.
  • UseIndicatorSwitch: The indicator used (Moving Average, Bollinger Bands or Envelopes).
  • TimeFrame_Type: the timeframes used, standard or custom.
  • StandardTimeFrame: contains the values of standard timeframes, online charts of financial instruments can only be built on these timeframes.
  • UserTimeFrame: contains the values of user timeframes, 0 – 43200.
  • Indicator Period: the period for indicators, in bars.
  • Method: the method of smoothing the price (Simple – simple, Exponential-exponential, Smoothed-smoothed, Linear-weighted-linearly weighted).
  • appliced_price: the price used for calculations.
  • BandsDeviation: Deviation of the iBands indicator.
  • EnvelopesDeviation: Deviation of the iEnvelopes indicator.
  • Expert_Id is a magic number.


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