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AQ RiskOptimizer MT5


The Risk Optimizer utility is designed to manage the risk on the account.
Poor risk management is the main reason for losing money.

Risk Optimizer calculates and offers the optimal lot size for
each position according to your individual
risk preferences. You can specify your preferred risk level in the form %
for each position, or trust our algorithms to calculate and
optimize according to your chosen risk category.

But that’s not all! Choose a stop loss as the price level, or
trust our machine learning algorithms to calculate the stop loss
for you based on market volatility or market
support/resistance levels.

Similarly, set the take profit as the price level, or
let Risk Optimizer calculate it according to
the risk-to-profit ratio that suits you.

After you have decided on the direction of the trade, the lot size,
stop loss and take profit, click the Execute button to open it
positions. Save your time and improve your market entry accuracy!

Risk Optimizer displays all positions opened on your account and
indicates the current risk, warning you with the appropriate message.

  • positionType-position type: BUY or SELL)
  • RiskProfile – risk level: LOW_RISK (low), MEDIUM_RISK
    ( medium), HIGH_RISK (high), or MANUAL_RISK (set manually).
    When you select one of the first three options, Risk Optimizer determines the
    appropriate lot size according to your account balance and the
    selected risk level
  • RiskPercent – if MANUAL_RISK is selected in the previous setting (RiskProfile)
    , specify here the % of your capital that you can
    risk when opening a position
  • StopLossSelection-stop loss: PRICE_SL (price range),
    (resistance/support). VOLATILITY-Calculate stop loss based on
    machine learning algorithms that measure and predict market
    volatility. SUPPORT_RESISTANCE-Calculate stop loss based on
    our indicator to determine support/resistance levels.
  • StopLossLevel – if PRICE_SL is selected in the previous setting (StopLossSelection), specify the price of the stop loss level here.
  • TakeProfitSelection – take profit: PRICE_TP (price) or
    RISK_REWARD_RATIO (risk-to-profit ratio). RISK_REWARD_RATIO-
    calculate the take profit in accordance with the specified risk – to-
    profit ratio.
  • RiskRewardRatio – the ratio of risk to profit (for example,
    1:2 means that the size of the stop loss will be half the size of the take
    profit) when choosing RISK_REWARD_RATIO in the parameter
  • TakeProfitLevel – If TakeProfitSelection is set to PRICE_TP, enter the price for your selected take profit level here.

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  • MagicNumber – a unique number that allows you to distinguish
    positions opened with Risk Optimizer from others. Use
    any number (up to nine digits).


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