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The Argonaut Expert Advisor was developed specifically for gold trading, and is also able to work on any instruments.
The scalping strategy in this Expert Advisor is used to reach a given level of funds, ahead of the level of initial available funds. Single closing of trades occurs using trailing. 
The initial level of available funds is fixed by the expert after the first order is opened, and is updated if there are no orders. A special algorithm for calculating signals for entering trades opens up the possibility of implementing this strategy. The Expert Advisor calculates the target level at which all current positions are closed.
When used on several instruments, the expert Advisor takes into account the profit received for all of them, and when the target level of free funds for all connected pairs is reached, it closes all transactions and sets a new target level. 
To close all trades and disable the Expert Advisor, if necessary, there is an off button on the information panel, which is triggered when you hover the cursor and click on the “SM” logo in the upper-left corner of the panel. When you click, all positions will be closed and the further work of the Expert Advisor will be blocked, the “STOP”button will be displayed on the tableau at this time. To continue working, press “STOP” again, returning the button to its original position.

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Features of the expert’s work:

  • The Expert Advisor uses a combined trading strategy. The expert builds up funds in scalping mode, monitoring the achievement of the target level, reassigning a new target after each closing of all orders.
  • The timeframe for the work does not matter. 
  • The Expert Advisor automatically calculates the lot size in accordance with the risk level and deposit size selected by the user. 
  • The default settings are set for XAUUSD. 
  • If necessary, Argonaut can be set to any number of characters at the same time. In this case, the expert Advisor will take into account the total level of funds for all the instruments involved and adjust the trading tactics accordingly. 
  • He is able to work together with other experts, controlling only his own positions.
  • Does not use martingale and arbitrage. 
  • Each position is protected by a stop loss. 
  • It is easily optimized to work with any tools.
  • To close all trades and disable the Expert Advisor, if necessary, there is an off button on the information panel in the upper-left corner (the “SM” logo). 
  • The expert Advisor does not require the user to have special knowledge on optimization. When used on different currency pairs, it is enough to change the value of the Signal parameter and set the trailing parameters TrailingStart and TrailingStop that the user needs .
  • When changing the Risk parameter, it should be taken into account that the percentage of automatic calculation of the volume of orders opened by the expert is interrelated with the percentage of profit from the initial free funds for closing all orders (PctClose). I recommend changing them in direct proportion.
  • When using the expert Advisor on different instruments with different values of the TradeMagic parameter, the calculation of the initial and target levels, as well as the closing of transactions when the target level is reached, will be carried out individually for each instrument. At the same time, the accounting of the current free funds will be common for all the instruments selected for trading.

Expert Advisor Parameters:

  • FixVolumeFixed trading volume of the Expert Advisor, with the automatic calculation of the volume of opened orders disabled (Risk=0).
  • Risk  The percentage of the automatic calculation of the volume of orders opened by the expert from the free funds on the account.
  • Signal – The signal for the expert to open orders.
  • startTime – The start time of trading, in the format (hh: mm).
  • EndTime – The end time of the trade, in the format (hh: mm).
  • TrailingStart – Start of trailing.
  • TrailingStop – The trailing distance.
  • TakeProfit – The level of expected profit.
  • StopLoss – Loss limit level.
  • PctClose – The percentage of profit from the initial free funds to close all orders.
  • MaxSpread – The maximum allowed spread.
  • TradeMagic – The identification number of the Expert Advisor.
  • TradeComments – The Expert Advisor’s comment.
  • InfoTable – Use the Expert’s dashboard. 


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