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A simple indicator-free scalper Expert Advisor (rewritten and adapted by ArrayMasterEA for Meta Trader 5) trades on fast price changes of a currency pair.

Optimized for the EURUSD pair.

It is quite stable on forward tests, including on pairs other than EURUSD.

The timeframe does not matter.

The lite version of the Expert Advisor is here.

  • _FreeMarg — Minimum free margin for trading;
  • TakeProfit-Take Profit;
  • StopLoss — Stop Loss;
  • PipStep — The minimum level of points (if the price has moved by more than PipStep, a position will be opened);
  • PipOut — The maximum level of points (if the price has jumped by more than PipOut, the position will not be opened);
  • MaxOrders-Lot multiplier for topping up positions;
  • TStop – Value of the trailing stop;
  • TrailingStep-Trailing Stop step;
  • TimeWait — The time between the previous tick and placing the order;
  • MagicNumber — Magicnumber of orders to be placed;
  • _size — The value of the size of the array in which the prices of previous ticks are stored (it is necessary to calculate the median of prices: if the median is higher than the current price, then we trade only in short, if lower in long);
  • UseRisk-Switch, if true, we work with a percentage of the deposit, if false, we work with a lot of 0.01;
  • DecreaseFactor-Reducing the load on the deposit after losing trades;
  • RiskPercent — Percentage of available funds for opening new positions;
  • multiple-The multiplier for the _Point value;
  • s_minLot — The minimum lot for this DC for the instrument;
  • s_maxLot — Maximum lot;
  • s_stepLot — Lot step;
  • maxspread — Maximum spread;
  • TimeM — Trading start time for the Expert Advisor;
  • TimeE — The trading end time for this Expert Advisor.
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