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Artemis is a currency-pair-EA which detects entry points by Moving Average – controlled by multiple trend-following-indicators.

With Artemis you can trade every currency pair. Signals are generated when the price crosses the moving average and in parallel all three additional indicators confirm the trend direction. If only one indicator deviates from the trend direction, no position is opened.

Basically, you can use Artemis on every time period. For best results it is recommended to use it on time period M1.

Artemis includes an automatic lot size calculator which depends on the current account balance. The risk per position can be adjusted in settings field “Safety if AutoLotSize: on”. The default value is 10%.

You should question yourself what risk you want to take per position and adjust the risk per position!

You can use Artemis on more than one chart in parallel because the lot size calculator notes every open position. For each chart Artemis opens only one position at the same time. No positions are opened that trigger a MarginCall.

The default settings are optimized for currency pair EURUSD on time period M1. With these settings, the backtest delivers a profit of 30% in 2020 with a maximum drawdown of 8% at a leverage of 1:50.

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A minimum account balance of 500€ is recommended to use Artemis.

We are continuously working on finding the best settings for the current market and will provide them regularly in the comments. Furthermore, we are working on finding optimized parameters for more currency pairs so that you can run Artemis on multiple currency pairs in parallel.

If you have problems with the startup on Artemis, our support can help you.


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