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the auto RSI index automatically determines the best interval at which the precision of the signs on this graph is maximum. The values of the optimal period and the truth of the signals are displayed at the upper-left corner of the purchase price graph. depending on the financial instrument and the time period, the truth of the index signals can achieve 90%. The indicator period is calculated based on the overbought and oversold levels specified from the input parameters. after locating the optimal period for the RSI indicator, the indicator itself is built. The price chart also exhibits purchase and sell signals.

  • Automatically determines the best RSI period with the highest signal accuracy;
  • You can change the value of the overbought and oversold zones;
  • Shows the arrows of buy and sell signals on the chart;
  • When signals appear, it shows alerts in the form of a message and an audio signal;
  • It is possible to change the color and appearance of the indicator line and levels;
  • It works on 4 and 5-digit quotes.

  • applied_price (default=PRICE_CLOSE) – price upon which to calculate the indicator values;
  • level1 (default=30) – the oversold level;
  • level2 (default=70) – overbought level;
  • period_min (default=2) – the minimum value of the indicator period;
  • period_max (default=100) – maximum value of the indicator period;
  • Show_Arrows (default=true) – enable / disable the display of buy or sell signals on the price chart;
  • UseSound (default=true) – enable / disable audio signals when buy or sell signals appear;
  • UseAlert (default=true) – enable / disable text messages when buy or sell signals appear.
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