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If you want:

The “tradecopier_follow” and “tradecopier_source” Expert Advisors will help you together with this!


  • Copying trades from the primary master accounts to multiple servant accounts;
  • When dealing with a master account, you can use access by an investor password (read just);
  • All work is easy and does not require complex setup steps;
  • Supports working with many brokers;
  • Supports working with various symbols (EURUSD_FX, eurusd_m, etc);
  • copies orders from terminals with 4-digit quotes to terminals with 5-digit quotes and vice versa;
  • permits you to copy trading involving brokers ‘ accounts with the instant execution and market execution (ECN) execution modes);
  • Supports all types of market and pending orders;
  • The volume of copied trade transactions is proportional to the ratio
    free margin accounts (the minimum and maximum values of the volume
    determined by the trading conditions). This approach is better than using
    fixed lot;
  • It supports copying trades opened with the help of Expert Advisors as well as trades opened manually;
  • For each of the accounts in the “MT5 terminalmql5″ directory
    filetradecopier ” creates a trade copy report file (Trading
    Following Report).

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When trading on a slave account manually or with the help of another Expert Advisor, the tradecopier_follow Expert Advisor will complete its work.

Orders and positions opened before the launch of the “tradecopier_source” and “tradecopier_follow” Expert Advisors are not copied.

In cases of rapid market movements or when using various
terminals (brokers) the prices of transactions opened on slave accounts
may differ slightly from the prices of the master account)

The old Trade copy report file (Trading Following Report) is cleared and created again in 2 cases:


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