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Top 10 Forex Expert Advisors in the last decade

Top 10 Forex Expert Advisors in the last decade

August 24, 2021

Newcomers to the forex market often experiment with new techniques and methods to generate profits a

#3 Proven Forex Trading Methods That Work

#3 Proven Forex Trading Methods That Work

June 23, 2021

Intro. Will $500 a day change your life? –ź 1000$ ? Many people dream of getting that kind of money

Top 5 trading robots for profit on forex in 2021

Top 5 trading robots for profit on forex in 2021

May 27, 2021

Foreign exchange trading is one method to make big as well as steady earnings in a reasonably brief

Strategy Trade Base On Bollinger Bands And Stochastic Oscillator

Bollinger Bands Are Used Mainly To Follow Trends.

Stochastic Main Line And Signal Line Use For Open Pending Order Buy Or Sell

Fibonacci Are Use Target Profit, support and resistance level price

The advisor Auto3M Pro MT5 can work on a VPS.

MT4 version : Auto3M Pro MT4


No martingale

Hard stop loss and take profit for each position

Flexible stop loss by Bollinger Band, Fixed point, Previous Height or Low, Fibonacci level

Flexible Take profit between fixed point and take profit by Fibonacci level

Flexible Trailing stop between fixed point and multiply by stop level

Money management

News filter

Delete pending order automatic by interval time

Use buy stop and sell stop function for pending order

Add Fibonacci, Bollinger Bands, Stochastic to chart automatic

Close profit before market close

Dynamic lot size by balance

Hedging position

Fixed position

Close profit by equity

Close profit partial

Lock trade operation by specific time

Recovery mode

Trading Strategy



using pending order buy stop or sell stop only.

Stochastic oscillator is used for quotes analysis and analysis on new bar only.

When Stochastic main line more than 90 and Bid less then Upper band is prepare sell stop pending order.

When Stochastic main less than 20 and Ask more than Lower band is prepare buy stop pending order.

Follow buy stop when Stochastic main line more than Stochastic signal value.

Follow sell stop when Stochastic main line less then Stochastic signal value.

When Ask above position and more than stop level or Bid bellow position trailing stop work immediate

if profit is negative EA will open opposite open order by hedging point.

Before news release 5 minutes send pending order buy or sell use distance point from input parameter.

After news released 10 minutes pending order delete automatic.

Export advisor test result

Having initial deposit 1,000$ have earned 24,762,746.91 $ on GBPUSD Day in period from December 10, 2015 to November 10, 2021


Timeframes:  4H or Day

Minimum deposit 100 USD

Recommended Minimum leverage 1:100


ECN brokers recommended, for example: ICMarkets, Weltrade, Pepperstone, FXPro, Exness

Initial setup

Magic number : Set magic number separate by pair

Refresh timer in millisecond (minimum 30000) : Interval for loop timer event minimum 30000

Expiry time for pending order : expire time after open pending order

Lot : minimum lot size  = 0.01

Trailing stop mode : Base on point or Base on stop limit

Trailing stop point : point in pip use with base on point minimum 50 point

Trailing stop percent : multiple percent use with base on stop limit

Stop loss mode : have 4 types Stop loss fixed point, Stop loss from upper or lower Bollinger Bands, Stop loss from previous height or previous low, Stop loss from Fibonacci level

Close profit partial percent : Profit value for close profit partial function should set minimum profit = 10

Calculate lot size by account balance : true Protect balance

Trade news time : true

Allow trade in specific time only : false

Close all profit at end time and end week : true

Allow trade NFP news : true = enable trade NFP news

Protect balance : Enable feature protect balance use with Drawdown Percent

Equity profit percent from current balance : When equity profit more than this percent EA will close all position

Drawdown Percent : if current floating drawdown exceeds the specified % the EA will close open positions

After installation, go to Tools / Options and check ‚ÄúAllow Web Requests for Listed URL‚ÄĚ and add the following link:

After installation, go to Tools / Options and check ‚ÄúAllow Web Requests for Listed URL‚ÄĚ and add the following link:

Warning: Historical results cannot guarantee same results in the future

Key Features of Algorithmic Trading Software

11 September 2021


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