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Magneto RZ is designed to determine
the price return zones. Following the built-in algorithm, the indicator effectively finds the levels that
are a kind of magnet. The percentage of worked-out levels is quite high
– about 90% or more, depending on the analyzed pair and the state of the market.

The chart is bounded by the red zone at the top and the blue zone at the bottom,
designed to remind the trader of being overbought or oversold
the traded pair. Based on this, note that when approaching red
the area should be preferred sales and, on the contrary, the approach to the blue –

The main displayed levels are horizontal lines with a
text label of the form X Days.
The green lines are completed levels that have reached their target when
the price is touched. Orange lines – incomplete levels that have not reached the goal.

The return zone is formed during the current day and can be
change its value several times. Therefore, it is not recommended to use as
the goal is the level of the current day, you should use the
fixed levels of the previous days. But here it should be noted that with a
decrease in volatility during the day, it is permissible to perform trading operations
with new levels.

Recommended pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD.

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Important! Indicator
sensitive to the quality of quotes. On the chart, “holes” are undesirable-gaps in the software
the timeline. Also, the gap will be considered the absence of a candle and will be
ignored during calculations.


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