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BG Grid is a new generation grid expert advisor.

It can also be used for trading single orders, without a grid and increasing the lot.

Most successfully trades on cross pairs on the M30 and H1 time frames.

The Expert Advisor is countertrend and enters the market at the time of a possible trend correction. Inputs are made using standard MT4 indicators.

Like any grid operator, when a drawdown occurs, BG Grid builds a grid of orders and eventually closes it by the total take profit in the total plus.

But unlike most grid operators, BG Grid allows you to set your own individual coefficient for increasing the volume of the trading lot for each new order.

The EA also has a dynamic order grid step. This property allows you to work as an Expert Advisor in a comfortable mode, without overloading the deposit.

Another new feature used in the Expert Advisor is the variable take profit level depending on the number of open orders.

All these features make the Expert Advisor unique, very flexible in settings and will allow both beginners and professionals to work with it.

These properties are confirmed by testing on historical data over the past five years.

Testing was conducted with a simulation quality of 99.9% with an inflated spread, which is usually observed on cent accounts.

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A report on the combined backtest for four currency pairs is also provided.

The Expert Advisor is recommended for multi-pair trading on the currency pairs presented above.

The Expert Advisor should not be used for trading or testing with the default settings.

The Expert Advisor should not be used for trading or testing with the default settings.

The latest files with the settings for each currency pair that are used on a real account are given in the 230th discussion post

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