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BrainStormAi is a Multi Currency GRID TRADER designed for traders looking for low draw down and low stress.

This is an autonomous trading software programme designed for the Foreign Exchange Market. 

As this EA is designed for MT4 it can not be effectively back tested as it is a multicurrency program.

This is a stable and safe investment tool designed to trade it’s way out of adverse trade situations that would challenge most manual traders. 

Forward testing on a live account over many months demonstrates steady reliable profits with a very low draw down.

Using 5,000 units of Base Currency with a StartLot size of 0.10 the annualised target return on account balance is around 500%.

Many grid trading EA’s on the Market rely on the recovery aspects inherent in the concept of the grid itself to make profits.

BrainStormAi relies on quality trade selection then builds a dynamic grid with variable spacing’s to improve profitability.  

Eight individual currency zones are examined in order to create a trading pair to place on the grid to a maximum of four trades.

The EA detects contrary currency flows, matching rising and falling currencies in the direction of the flow.

Grid spacing and number of trades change according to market conditions, with the grid widening if conditions require.

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Lot sizing is variable, designed to generate the highest profit with the lowest risk under the available trading environment at the time.

Wide fixed SL and TP are placed with each position for safety, but dynamic stops are used when the EA is managing the grid.

The EA can be placed on any chart Symbol with a H1 timeframe, the user is only required to enter the magic number min and max lot size and max spread.


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