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This indicator marks the areas of trend reversal, at the points of reversal giving a signal to enter the market in the form of arrows of the appropriate color and direction of movement in the form of lines, as well as an audible alert.

It is based on the laws of the FOREX market, accurate definitions of the current extreme and finding candle patterns at the tops/bottoms of the market.

The universal algorithm helps to determine the pivot points by pointing the arrows where to enter the market.

The indicator does not redraw.

Displays the current data for the tool. Such as the name of the currency pair, the current price, the spread, the time to close the candle, the current actions on the instrument (buy or sell), the strength of the daily trend.

  • Show Indicator Info – show / hide information about the symbol
  • Info Corner – the angle at which information about the symbol is displayed
  • Color Of Information – color for displaying information about the symbol
  • Font Type – font type
  • Font Size – font size
  • Use Alert – set an audio alert
  • Use E-mail Notification-set the received signal to be sent to the E-mail address

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