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is a break-out momentum EA fully automated, that works on 10 pairs which are prone to big moves, it has been developed for 2 years with phyton code and special tools bypassing the limit of Metatrader platform, than coded into MT4 and 5 to be available for professional traders. The internal algo also is really pretty complex, 7 indicators are used ( from ATR to heikin ashi to MA, 4 property leading indicators were coded ).
All breakout system have a long period of stagnation, were the bot try to preserve deposit, and when the breakout occours, they make the big pips explosion, without using leverage or big lot size, just eating pips from the big move.
TF: H1

MT4 EA link:

MT5 EA link:

  • Strict use of stoploss on every trade
  • one chart only trade: you can trade 35 strategy from only 1 chart setup!
  • works on H1, filtering the noises of the markets, and also H1 is the most stable timeframe between brokers.
  • low leverage needed, the EA works actually with 3000 deposit every 0.01 lots! so you can use it safetly even with 10:1 leverage.
  • survives strict high quality stress-backtests, with real variable spreads, commission and negative slippage every order at 99% tickquality
  • Proven live results on “high balance” accounts and with several different brokers.
  • does not need ECN brokers only, since it is NOT sensitive to slippage or to trading conditions.
  • set and forget, no need to monitor the EA or to disable during news events. it passed backtest from 2003 till today.
  • underfitted EA.

[spoiler title=”

Breakout Storm is an underfitted system, many seller here tend to show very nice backtest results overfitting the settings to sell more: Breakout Storm uses the same settings to trade up to 10 different pairs ! This is a sign of extreme Robustness, and the forward test is a great sign. In-fact many algorithm tend to fail when u test them into different pairs – but if a strategy have an edge on the market – it should at least no loose money. 
So basically the EA is trading EURUSD , with the same settings (setfile) even for AUDUSD,XAUUSD etc! no parameters are changed (curve fitted) to adapt the algorith to the market.
this is the big news on mql5 market, there is no equal.

Since Backtesting is extremely slowly in MT4 and the EA has a lot of code inside, i prepare for you the 60 strategy already backtested ( you need to have QuantAnalyzer ver 4.9 minimum)
if u need to check my backtest – simply select only 1 of the 60, and compare with mine. it will save u a LOT of time and effords since MT4/5 is really not well coded for complex algo.
If questions, please ask by Private Message or write in comments.



Fix Lots: Breakout Storm will use fix lots as specify in “FixedLots”

FixedLots: lots to be use and will never increase.

Increasing:(recommended) Breakout Storm will increase lots using BalanceStep (equity per step)   as the table above. so for example BalanceStep: 3000 will use 0.01 lots every 3000 deposit.

Please note that if your deposit is NOT in USD you must calculate the correct value referring to your deposit currency.

Use Virtual Balance: you can use a max virtual balance -> reccomended for big deposit, when you want to use only part of you deposit.

Virtual Balance: the amount of balance you want to use for LotStep calculation: example: deposit 50.000 Virtual Balance: 7.900 BalanceStep 790 it will open 0.10 lots.

Comments:  you can custom comments the EA

Magic Number Prefix:  setup your favourite prefix that will be add to magic number: so if you setup “300”, Breakout Storm will add 112->118 and magic will be: 300112 -> till 300118     

 “BPT” = Broker Performance Tracking

You can now track behavior and compare brokers about:
* Slippages.
* Spreads.
* Orders execution time.

This is very useful to kill brokers that are not playing honestly. Simply run the EA into same brokers, with same settings, and check if slippage, spread ,execution time are worst or similar. and than you can decide which broker keep.


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