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This expert Advisor does not use indexes from the conventional sense, it uses price analysis at extremes of supply and also need, trading has been conducted on the breakdown of price levels. Martingale is not used, the amount of simultaneously opened trades is 2. The Expert Advisor can work offline on any broker that does not limit the trading area of FREEZELEVEL and STOPLEVEL.

it is not likely to hang orders and go into a drawdown, all transactions must have a set stop loss and take profit. It is possible to make them virtual if you decide to use it to closure under your own control, or to exclude restrictions on the execution of orders FREEZELEVEL and STOPLEVEL. In this case, it is worth reviewing the risks for lower ones.

Trading volume and risk management

  • Slippage – slippage (3 by default);
  • Calculation of loss of balance (false-equity) – calculation of losses for 1 (one) trade (by default false – from funds);
  • Regression of trading volume-regression of trading volume (false-does not decrease for losing trades);
  • Plan loss on 1 trade in % (0-fixed lot) – calculation of losses per trade in % (optimal values – from 0.5 to 0.7, 0-minimum volume trading);
  • Minimum lot – minimum trading volume (0.01-default);
  • Maximum lot – maximum trading volume in the automated calculation of;
  • Maximum spread – the maximum spread, if it is exceeded, the system blocks entry into the trade (12-by default);
  • Index trailing Stop Loss (0-off) – Stop Loss trailing index (0.8 by default);
  • The index set Profit ( at Stop Loss) – the index of calculating profit, a multiple of the specified loss (20-by default);
  • The index set Stop Loss (at operating spread) – Stop Loss calculation index to the working spread (2.5-default);
  • The distance for placing a pending order – the distance to open a pending order in spreads (15-by default);
  • Virtual Stop Loss

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12 February 2016


26 February 2016

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KentBrown January 5, 2021 1:43 am

Bought Pips Picker robot few weeks ago. Started with analyzing, and quickly understood, it requires Great ECN agent with spreads. So if that is done, robot works wery nicely.
Hunting trough brokers located few that meets the needs of PP. Best results so much with agent ICmarkets with raw disperse avaraging about 0.2 pips, but you need to purchase VPS with servers in New York, as ICmarkets servers is located only in NY. So if you’re the person who’s ready to put in the job, this robot works wery good.
Soon I will give link to real account

p.s.. If you are looking for free VPS (of course you are) good starting choice is Amazon’s complimentary vps AWS. Google it

Great job Alexandr

MaxPips Max January 5, 2021 1:42 am

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