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EasyTakeProfit Expert Advisor - a tool for setting goals

EasyTakeProfit Expert Advisor - a tool for setting goals

September 29, 2022

There is an opinion that finding an exit point is much more difficult than an entry point. It i

CandleCountdown - candle closing time indicator

CandleCountdown - candle closing time indicator

September 26, 2022

Technical indicators are divided into main and auxiliary. Auxiliary indicators are information

Why trading patterns don't work

Why trading patterns don't work

September 26, 2022

Pattern trading theory suggests that candlestick formations have a psychological basis. For exa

This EA is a breakthrough EA.

When the monitoring market adjustments quickly, fluctuates quickly in a single route, and exceeds the set threshold, the EA will shortly place an order and shortly undertake a cellular cease loss technique to finish capital preservation and profitability.

Benefits of this EA:

1. The transaction may be very quick to the closing of the place, and it’s by no means procrastinated.

2. After the transaction, the accuracy charge may be very excessive.

3. Place an order with compound curiosity, and the revenue will develop quickly.

Disadvantages of this EA:

1. extraordinarily demanding merchants.

Necessities for merchants:

1. When the market is quickly rising and falling as a result of information, the consumer is not going to be dropped or caught.

2. After putting the order, you may shortly set the cease loss and modify the cease loss.

3. Spreads is not going to develop abnormally as a result of sudden and big fluctuations available in the market.


Relevant varieties: XAUUSD

Relevant cycle: M1

**************     Essential info      **************

Because of official verification, the parameters have been modified to be inappropriate. Please manually modify the parameters as follows in the course of the again check:

Pending_order_spacing Ôľö 100

Pendingorder_stop_loss_points Ôľö 100

Order_tracking_points Ôľö 50

Order_tracking_step Ôľö 50

Modify_waiting_time Ôľö 3

Order_lot Ôľö 0.01

Proportional_order Ôľö true

Proportional_order Ôľö 8

Key Features of Algorithmic Trading Software

08 May 2021


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