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The Bullet Specialist Expert is self-trading, describes scalping approaches for damaging degrees, and also is developed to perform high-speed trading on an economic tool on the graph of which it is mounted. To trade on various economic tools at the very same time, the Specialist Expert should be mounted on the graph of each equivalent economic tool. The Specialist Expert trades pending orders.

Numerous mixes of input criteria, durations and also economic tools supply the investor with wide tactical trading possibilities, which will certainly enable embellishing trading in problems of mass use the method.

  • Fixed – taken care of.
  • Portion – percent.
  • Set apart – distinguished.
  • Extensive – extensive.
  • Regular – regular.
  • Light – modest.
  • Lengthy – long.
  • Brief – brief.
  • Long-Short – long-short (transforms the range after opening up an order from lengthy to brief).
  • real – yes.
  • incorrect – no.
  • real – yes.
  • incorrect – no.
  • real – yes.
  • incorrect – no.
  • real – yes.
  • incorrect – no.
  • real – yes.
  • incorrect – no.
  • real – yes.
  • incorrect – no.
  • English – English.
  • Russian – Russian.

The genuine degrees of TakeProfit and also StopLoss are constantly established. Input criteria 23 and also 24 can be made use of both with each other and also independently. Digital StopLoss is fixed, if made use of, it can be established better to the opening cost than the genuine one.

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The variety of bars for trading and also screening ought to be greater than 99.

It is best to utilize the Specialist Expert on economic tools revealed throughout screening in screenshots with a duration of M30 or H1, although the opportunity of trading on various other economic tools and also durations is not left out. It is feasible to trade on a number of economic tools and/or durations at the very same time.

Trading should be carried out on a VPS web server with very little hold-ups. For trading, it is much better to select an ECN/STP broker with implementation of purchases with or without reduced compensations, slim spreads, permitting scalping without constraints. The size of the Stoplevel and also Freezelevel degrees ought to additionally be thought about.

The Specialist Expert is suggested for trading with market implementation of trading orders.

Prior to making use of the Specialist Expert on an actual account, examination it in the method tester and also examination it on a trial account.


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