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Candle Pattern Dashboard for MT5


Advanced multi-character / multi-timeframe version of the indicator “Candle Pattern Finder for MT5” (Search for candle patterns based on the book by Gregory L. Morris “Japanese candles. A method for analyzing stocks and futures”).

  • The indicator searches for candle patterns on all symbols of the “Market Watch” window and on all standard timeframes from M1 to MN1.
  • When a pattern occurs on any symbol / timeframe, the indicator gives a signal (text, sound, sending a message to your mobile phone and email).
    Thus, by placing the indicator on a single chart, you get signals from all the symbols and timeframes you need!
  • The indicator has a convenient graphical panel, where each candle pattern has its own graphic image. You can instantly see which signal has appeared, and on which instrument.
  • And if you click on the graphical icon of the signal, an additional chart opens, on which the selected symbol and timeframe are loaded. On this chart, you will see the signal of the new pattern, as well as the signals of all the patterns for the last 100 bars (you can configure your own view of the additional chart, with the indicators you need – just configure the chart template and save it with the name Candle_Pattern_Dashboard.tpl“).

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  • It works perfectly on Forex instruments, Indices, Stocks, Commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

The indicator has flexible settings:

  • what patterns are we looking for,
  • on what symbols and timeframes;
  • graphic panel interface settings.

For more information, see the video: https://youtu.be/q9JjGmQHiDw

  • It is recommended to install the indicator on a separate chart, on the most active instrument, with frequent changes in quotes (for example, EURUSD).
  • Searching for patterns on all symbols of the “Market Watch” window and all timeframes is a very resource-intensive process. To speed up the calculations, it is recommended to remove unnecessary tools from the “Market Watch” window and disable unused timeframes in the indicator settings. This is especially true for weak computers.
  • The 1st launch of the indicator requires a lot of time-the quotes are loaded and calculated for all symbols and timeframes. The larger the list of symbols in the “Market Watch” window of your terminal, the longer it takes.

Attention! The indicator requires serious computing power for its operation.
Therefore, before buying, be sure to test the speed of the indicator on your computer.
To do this, install the free demo version
(it has limitations)



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