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The indicator uses multiple instances (hence multi) of the CCFpExtra cluster indicator, and together
they allow you to get

super-position of the results.

The indicator creates a set of CCFpExtra with
carefully selected periods and combines their results using special balancing and normalization algorithms. No more trying
to figure out what parameters to choose for cluster analysis, no more catching false signals. And above all, all the
virtues are inherited

CCFpExtra: Custom groups are supported
tickers and currencies, bars of different symbols are aligned in time, and up to 30 instruments can participate in the calculation.

The indicator works similarly to CCFpExtra – it
shows up to 8 lines with the relative strength of each of the entered characters. But here, these are signals: the higher the currency, the stronger the signal for it
the lower the price, the stronger the sell signal. The most reliable signal: what you need to buy at the very top, and what you need to buy at the very top
to the bottom – to sell. But unlike CCFpExtra, CCFpExtraSuperMulti never implies an overbought or
oversold state. Therefore, if you are used to interpreting the cluster state in such a way that the upper symbol is in an overbought
state and it needs to be sold, do not do this, and similarly, the lower symbol is not in an oversold state and it is not worth
buying it.

[spoiler title=”

Recommended timeframes: H1 – D1.


  • Instruments – a comma-separated list of instruments; instruments must have a common currency; for Forex symbols, it is
    it is selected either from the base currency or the quote currency, as the only component present in all symbols; for
    other tickers (not Forex), when auto-detection fails, the total currency is taken from the parameter 

    DefaultBase (here the word ‘base’ denotes the common base between all tickers, not the base currency in the Forex context); list
    By default, it includes the main Forex currencies. 

    EURUSD, GBPUSD,USDCHF,USDJPY, AUDUSD,USDCAD,NZDUSD; please note that NZDUSD is missing on some servers
    MetaQuotes is a Demo, so don’t forget to edit the list accordingly;

  • MA_Method-moving average method, by default linear weighted;
  • Price – the type of moving average price, by default weighted price;
  • All_Bars – the number of bars to calculate, by default-1000; 0 means all bars;
  • BarByBar – the value false sets the recalculation of the zero bar on each tick, true (by default)
    – calculation only at the beginning and at the end of the bar;
  • DefaultBase-common currency; used only if auto-detection failed.

Screenshots 1-4 show the features (however, not all of them, but only some of the features) trading the main Forex
currencies in chronological order, on the H1 timeframe. The 5th screenshot shows the options for long-term positions on the history

Advanced functionality is available in the SuperIndices indicator.


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