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VJ Sniper is an indicator for making a purchase/sale in MT4: buying is carried out with an uptrend, and selling is carried out with a downtrend.

Background: No built-in MT4 indicator, like Stochastic, CCI or DeMarker, etc., works independently. But their combination with trend forecasting works great and perfectly finds entry points. This indicator is designed specifically to ensure optimal results and minimize the number of false signals. This is not the Grail and not a 100% guarantee of entry. The indicator provides only a high probability of success. VJ Sniper gives highly probable signals, following the rules of profitable trading.

It works on any instrument and timeframe except M1.

  • The entry is made at the beginning of the candle. It is based on the closing of the previous candle, which means that you can open a trade as soon as you see a signal and not expect the candle to close.
  • Signals are not redrawn on instruments with low volatility. They may occasionally be redrawn on instruments with high volatility.
  • The arrows don’t blink. A clear signal from the very beginning.
  • Signals are generated early, unlike other indicators that give signals after traveling a considerable distance in any direction.
  • The lines clearly show the trend.

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  • VJ Sniper has 3 trend lines and signal arrows.
  • The lines show the trend direction, and the arrows indicate the type of transaction (Buy or Sell).
  • Make a buy deal if you see a buy signal (up arrow) in an uptrend.
  • Make a sell trade if you see a sell signal (down arrow) in a downtrend.
  • Take into account the tech profit and stop loss at the support/resistance levels OR at the curve levels. Example: When making a purchase, you can set a take profit on the middle curve and the upper curve based on the trend line.
  • Optimal timeframes: M30 / H1 / H4. But you can work on any timeframe except M1.
  • During the first installation, data is needed to issue a signal. Switch timeframes back and forth until clear signals appear.
  • The indicator works best on instruments with low volatility (optimal for Forex).
  • The combination of our indicator with price action and candle strategy can become the Grail of your trading system.


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