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The Relative Strength Index indicator (RSI – Relative Strength Index) with dynamic levels of overbought and oversold zones.
levels change and adjust to the current changes in the indicator and the price, and represent a kind of channel.

Indicator Settings

  • period_RSI – The averaging period for calculating the RSI index.
  • APPLICED_RSI – The price used.It can be any of the price constants: PRICE_CLOSE-Closing price, PRICE_OPEN-Opening price, PRICE_HIGH –
    Maximum price for the period, PRICE_LOW – Minimum price for the period, PRICE_MEDIAN-Median price (high low)/2, PRICE_TYPICAL –
    Typical price (high low close)/3, PRICE_WEIGHTED – Weighted average price, (high low close close)/4.

  • period_channel – The period for calculating the dynamic channel of the overbought and oversold zones.
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