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Analyzing multiple charts has always been one of the most difficult tasks for professional traders. However, this can be simplified by increasing the number of monitors. But we offer you a simple and cost-effective solution.

ISO Chart Clipper allows you to divide a large number of open charts into categories without increasing the number of monitors, and quickly access them, or use the automatic switching function.

  • Charts can be added to categories by symbol name, timeframes, or any other combinations.
  • Automatic switching of categories.
  • Unlimited groups of graphs.
  • All Expert Advisors and indicators with alerts will work correctly in the background.
  • Designed for tablets and desktop computers.

  • Keep panel always on top – always display the panel in the foreground
  • Main panel background color – the main background color of the panel
  • Panel refresh speed in seconds – the refresh rate of the panel in seconds
  • Auto play speed in seconds – the speed of automatic switching in seconds
  • Show symbol name on all charts-show the symbol name on all charts
  • Symbol name font size on all charts – the font size for the symbol name on all charts
  • Symbol name color on all charts – the color of the symbol name on all charts
  • Charts group location on all charts – the location of chart groups on all charts

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Please note that the product is designed to work with multiple charts and cannot be tested in the strategy tester.


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