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The Cheetah EA enters the trade based on Reversal Points (RP). It Uses mathematical and statistical calculations to find the best entry point along with 3 main filters.

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MT5 Version

Telegram Channel

MT5 Version

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  • Time Frame : Select your Time Frame
  • Use Closed Candle : Functionality based closed candle (True/False)
  • Hard Filter : Hard Filter for entries (True/False)
  • Mac : 1st Filter Parameter
  • Mic : 2nd Filter Parameter
  • Wave Period  : 3rd Filter Parameter

Positions Management

  • Magic Number : If you want to use EA for the same symbol in more than one chart, choose a different magic number.
  • Lot Method : There are two methods (Lot per 1000 USD / Fixed Lot)
  • Fixed Lot  : Set the fixed lot value
  • Lot per $1000 : Set the lot per 1000 USD value
  • Maximum Lot : Set the maximum lot value
  • Hidden TP : Ture (Hidden TP will be used)
  • Take Profit : TP in Points
  • Grid Mode : There are two methods (Manual / Smart)
  • Grid Distance : Grid Distance in points
  • Multiplier : lot multiplier
  • Maximum Orders : Maximum allowed orders (0 means unlimited)
  • Maximum Slippage : Set maximum slippage value

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DrawDown Protection (DDP)

  • Risk Mode : There are three methods (low/medium/high)
  • Protection after Number of Orders  : Enable DDP if more than x order was opened
  • Maximum DrawDown  : Maximum DD. If this value hit then all orders will be closed.
  • Initial Balance : Set your initial balance

Trading Times

  • Start Hour : Set Start Hour
  • End Hour : Set Start Hour


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