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Classic Keltner Channel


this index works on the basis of the traditional ten-day moving average principle described by Chester W. Keltner (1909-1998). By default, all parameters are set to the values of the classic version of the Keltner system, but users can change them at will.

  • Customizable appearance.
  • The Keltner channel is colored depending on the trend direction.
  • The Buy and Sell arrows show trend signals.
  • Sound alerts and notifications by e-mail.

  • Candles. The number of candles used to calculate the lines (by default, 10 candles are used).
  • MA_Method. the type of moving average used in calculations (simple by default).
  • Price_Applied. The price used to calculate the Keltner centerline (by default, the typical price).
  • Multiplier. The distance between the buy/sell Keltner lines and the center line (default is 1.0).
  • Up_Color. The color of the Keltner buy line and the sell arrow (red by default).
  • Median_Color. The color of the center line (gray by default).
  • Down_Color. The color of the Keltner sell line and the buy arrow (blue by default).
  • Style_Width. Line width (the middle line is always displayed as a dotted line).
  • Alerts. Sound alerts and on-screen messages (default is true).
  • Text_BUY. The message for the notification about the purchase.
  • Text_SELL. The message for the notification about the sale.
  • eMail_Send. Sending a message to the user (false by default).
  • Notification_Send. Sending a message to the user (false by default).

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I hope that the Classic Keltner Channel indicator will be a good purchase for you.


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