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For any trader, the result of market analysis is the correct determination of entry and exit points from the market. The ClearArrows indicator does not
display any unnecessary information that can distract or mislead the trader, but only the most important thing. The indicator is very
easy to use, when the down arrow appears, you need to open a SELL deal, when the up arrow appears, you need to open
a BUY deal.

The ClearArrows indicator, despite its external simplicity, has a large analytical algorithm, thanks to which
it performs its work as efficiently as possible.

The indicator gives 2 types of signals – confirmed and unconfirmed. Confirmed signal – a large arrow in white – a signal that goes in
accordance with the global trend, not confirmed – a small arrow – a signal that goes against the global trend. Each
user can choose a trading mode for himself – use all the indicator signals or only those that go in accordance with the
global trend.

This indicator does not redraw, it gives signals on the current bar. If the arrow appears, it will not disappear anywhere, regardless of the
development of the market situation.

The indicator can be used for scalping and for binary options, you need to select the FilterPeriod parameter in accordance with your

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Input parameters of the indicator

  • period-the sensitivity of the indicator (the higher, the fewer signals)
  • UseFilter – whether to use a signal filter for compliance with the global trend
  • FilterPeriod – parameter of the global filter (indicates how much to filter the signals) (when UseFilter = true)
  • EnableAlerts – Enable / disable the sound alert when a signal appears
  • EmailAlert-Enable / disable email notification when a signal appears
  • MobileAlert-Enable / disable push notification when a signal appears


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