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The Copyvest EA is based on a safe RSI trading model. the strategy is optimized for GBPUSD M15 timeframe. The H1 timeframe is more stable but has fewer trades.

The trading robot is highly reliable, as it has been developed considering trading on a real account. The money-management system allows you to put at risk only your chosen percentage of your deposit. This risk management feature enables users to fully protect their trading accounts from unexpected market volatility.

The Copyvest EA does not martingale however, it can enter multiple trades using the same lot size. You can set the maximum number of trades at a time,

The recommended leverage is from 1:200

The Copyvest EA is optimized for GBPUSD 15 minutes timeframe. 

The recommended risk is 0.01 for every $1000, 0.02 for $2000, 0.03 for #3000 etc. You can adjust to suit your risk appetite. 


Input parameters:

Max orders – This is the maximum number of trades at a time. The default is set at 50

Equity Loss %- This is the percentage of the capital to be protected. When set at 100 it means all 100% is traded

Closeorderat59level- Default is True. This is based on the RSI system. You can adjust to optimize to your satisfaction

Automatic Auto lotsize- If set to TRUE will automatically select lotsize. The default setting is False so the Manual lotsize value overrides

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ManualLot size- The default is 0.01. The recommended lot size is 0.01 per $1000 account size



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