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Custom Open Price Line


This simple leading indicator will help you draw the opening price lines of the day, week, and month. It also draws the high and low levels of the day, week, and month.

The open price helps to mark the starting point of the symbol within the specified period. These lines can be useful in determining the trend in the market. They also serve as the first point of definitionSupport andCharacter resistances.

Does not redraw, works on all symbols and timeframes.

  • Show Daily: enable / disable the display of the opening prices of the day.
  • Daily_Width: the thickness of the daily line.
  • Daily_Style: Daily line style, dashed/dashed.
  • Daily_Color: The color of the day line.
  • Daily_History: Display the open, high, and low price lines of the previous days.
  • Daily_History_Number: The number of days for which the lines should be displayed.

The parameters for weekly and monthly lines are similar to those specified above.

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